Chaotic Beauty

I was running late for class But I stopped when you called me You came up to me Handed me a letter And walked away I smiled and ran on to class I couldn’t wait to open your letter I knew you would have had to be searching for the right words so for you... Continue Reading →

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The ‘Real’ in ‘Fun’

Sleep is for the weak You’d usually tell me But little do you know, The number of sleepless nights I’ve stayed up without a choice Nights where I longed for rest When my defensive body fought off sleep when it reached out to me Parts of me fought the fear of closing my eyes only... Continue Reading →

Silent Silence

I was once deep in love with silence Because I had my own thoughts to myself I normally had to separate myself from the crowd Be alone to experience silence Although there’s no being alone in silence The moon taught me that. I felt connected to the universe I felt right, at peace and every... Continue Reading →

Ephemeral Eternity

I hope you will laugh when I do it. React Haha to the posts about me. Don’t for a second -regret what you reacted, what you commented, what you did, what you said and everything else you didn’t do. Perhaps you heard my language But you didn’t understand it completely Perhaps you just wanted to... Continue Reading →

Pulling Threads

Here it comes The dark hours are approaching Everyone is fast asleep and the night is settled in a state of deafening silence. No one hears it approaching No one turns in bed as they are all deep in sleep Exploring the world of dreams Exploring the limitless nature of possibilities that will vividly remain... Continue Reading →

I Never Said

I never said 'I love you' These three words were Kind of allergic to my tongue. I never said 'Thank You' This was overused in today's Ways. But I did...   I did love you Even when I couldn't tell you You see I just didn't think that I had to tell you I felt... Continue Reading →

Fast Nights, Slow Life

The sun rises from the horizon How beautiful, the sky looks How so slowly and elegantly It chases the darkness And colors light up the sky. The beautiful tune The morning birds sing Music fill the air And the once deafening silence Is overridden with sounds of nature. The waves rush up the shore Returning... Continue Reading →

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